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Security experts are warning the public to be cautious of your online data

Written by on October 16, 2020

WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Online shopping can be convenient for most people, however, some experts suggest, it can be a way for hackers to get a hold of your online data.

It has been reported that a few online security breaches have led to some customer’s email addresses and transactions being exposed.

Recently the Better Business Bureau released an alert, warning shoppers to be cautious of big online shopping events like Cyber Monday.

According to the Bureau, scammers have been targeting shoppers, through phone and email to gain access to customer’s online accounts.

“One of the biggest things that you can do is not to use the same password for every website, there have been some recent breaches in the news. This month Barnes and Noble got hit. So using different passwords for these different shopping areas will definitely help prevent, any type of criminal gaining access to your data,” said CS Director of Professional Services Quentin Rhoads-Herrera. reports, that people should be mindful of malware. It is designed to trick people into installing software, that allows scammers to access your files and track what you are doing.

People should be cautious of clicking on suspicious links or downloading unrecognizable software.

The Better Business Bureau suggest these tips to avoid hackers :

  • Ignore calls for immediate action
  • Be skeptical of email and unsolicited calls
  • Ignore unsolicited messages that ask for personal information
  • Beware of requests to pay via wire transfer, prepaid debit card or CashApp

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