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We are Rebel Media Group, L.L.C / The Shark

It is our mission To Do Good

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Our Values (Still To Come)


Honesty & Integrity

The only way to be great is to be reliable and the only way to make great decisions is to base them on truth. We must base everything we do, both internally and externally, on honesty and integrity.

Respect… Everyone

We should treat everyone as we’d like to be treated.

Listen to & Consider Dissent

We should never feel uneasy about (politely, please) expressing dissenting opinions as we develop new products, services and processes. Dissent forces us to examine possible flaws; we want to find the holes we need to plug to make the new ideas or existing products even better, and dissenters tell us where to look.

Collaboration, Transparency & Precise Communications

Working as a team is always more powerful. Except for information we must keep confidential for competitive or legal reasons, let’s be transparent about what we’re doing. Take the time to use precise communications so that everyone will know what they need to do and why.

Innovation & Curiosity

We are always in search of new ideas. Our success is built on continuing to foster new ideas and new insights. We need to be constantly looking further — driven by curiosity.

Urgency Wins & Quick Decisions

We need to make decisions as soon as we have enough information, not wait until we have “all the information.” Everything is better done sooner. This should be a competitive advantage.

Take Risks & Tolerate Well-Thought-Out Mistakes

Mistakes are the byproduct of innovation, and mistakes made in the pursuit of new ideas are inevitable. If we’re afraid to make mistakes, we will never take the chances necessary to achieve truly breakthrough ideas. When we invariably do make a mistake, it’s critical to spot it quickly — and then change or fix it as soon as we can.

Chaos is OK

As we develop new ideas, they’re often so new and different that they don’t yet have a structure around them. And new ideas are our lifeblood.


Look to Make a Difference

Our stations and our company are integral parts of their local communities, as are each of us. We should remember that, even as we work to make our company stronger, we must think about what we can do to make our communities stronger, both on-air and off.